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    Digital volume

    I recently installed Audiobahn ADD51T in my this DSP. The DVD player is connected to it digitally via SPDIF coaxial and also through analog inputs (downmix 2 channels). I have noticed that the digital volume (through SPDIF) is quite low when compared to the analog volume. Why? Is there a way to correct this? Has anybody tried a line driver to boost up the input voltage on the coaxial? Will a line driver even work?



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    This is fairly commpn in mixed setups. and is also evident in HU's with volume levels being different between FM and the CD player. Better HU's have controls to balance levels. In a Car PC setup yo have to do it manually. Bring the low levels up as high as you can without distrotion. using the PC mixer volume controls. Drop the volume on the analog side using a EQ line driver or attenuator. Then control overall volume via the DAC and the amps. DSP in cars is a balancing and setup chore as posted previously in another thread. But once set up the quality improvement and noise rejection is well worth it.

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    Thanks accentsound. I do not have a carpc. I have installed the ADD51T in between the HU and the amp. HU feeds analog sound to the DSP which is then connected to the four channels on the amp and also to a powered subwoofer. In addition, a DVD player is connected to the DSP through analog inputs as well as SPDIF coaxial (digital connection).

    In the setup mentioned above, volume is fine when I play CDs through the HU. I can control it both through the HU volume knob as well as the volume knob on the DSP. Typically, I keep the DSP knob at 65 (10 to 100) and control the volume mainly through the HU. The problem is when I play DVDs through the DVD player. Volume is loud (and clear) at 65 when it is connected through the analog inputs. However, the sound level drops way down when I connect it throug SPDIF coaxial....does not match with analog even at 95! Volume can only be altered by the knob on the DSP. Is there a way to improve the sound level with the coaxial connection? I would like to keep the DVD player connected through SPDIF, however would like better sound level.


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