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Thread: Questions re: my Carputer amp, EVIC, etc.

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    Questions re: my Carputer amp, EVIC, etc.

    Okay, I have researched this so much my head hurts. I am posting this here in the hope that someone can help me iron out a few last questions....

    I am putting a carputer in my 2006 300C, and it looks like I am going to replace virtually all of the stock system (my stock 6 speaker config, base radio has no aux input). Cost is an issue - I am trying to keep my upgrades < $1,100. Since swapping the speakers seems relatively straightforward, and I am not trying to get overwhelming sound, I am l just looking for good clear sound with power levels similar to the stock setup.

    So, in light of all of the above, it looks like I am going headless. I plan on fabricating some sort of setup so I can mount a LCD touchscreen in the dash goind back to a small PC in the trunk. The PC will have an Audigy card of some sort, hooking up to an aftermarket amp which I could locate either in the trunk or up where the current amp resides in the dashboard.

    The things I am not clear about are as follows:

    1) If I find a good 4x60 Alpine/Sony amp, can I run 6 speakers off of it if those speakers are low powered like the stock speakers? I'd toss Infinity Kappas 3.5" in the front, and possibly some Alpine 35W RMS 6x9 speakers in the doors and rear deck. I was thinking about wiring the fronts and doors to the same front 2 channels and then having the rears run on the rear 2 channels. If this won't work, is it just because I need more power, something like 4x100? I presume something like this works, but I am a real n00b, and I was not sure about using 4 channels for 6 2 ohm speakers...

    2) Where does the antenna terminate - where the factory amp is or where the original head unit was, and is there any way for me to retain a connection to it so that if I have an FM tuner in the PC I can get some decent reception?

    3) I understand that I will lose the steering wheel controls because I am not using the factory head unit (in fact no head unit). Will I still be able to use the EVIC to check my non-stereo info? Is there a harness/card that would convert the steering wheel commands into something my carputer would understand?

    It seems like I had 1 more question, but it's late, so I may have to follow up later. Thanks for any help here..

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    First it would help of you mentioned

    What make, model and year car you are talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accentsound
    First it would help of you mentioned

    What make, model and year car you are talking about.
    It's Chrysler 300C, 2006.
    I have found you an argument; I am not obliged to find you an understanding.

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