I'm having a hard time deciding between these two units- they both look very similar, I think the 5100 actually looks a lil bit glossier, but basically they're the same. I guess the 6160 is the new version of it, but bestbuy and circuit city are still carrying only the 5100. There it is around $300-Online you can find them both shipped around $210-250.



Do you guys have any experience with these? 5 gigs of mp3s burnt to a dvd disc, sounds phat to me. Only thing is, there is no search (on the 5100 at least I know that it's true) so you have to organize really well with folders, and use the folder/song navigation.


With the 5100 when you turn off the unit, and then turn it back on, the playback starts back from the beginning of whatever track you were listening to. No big deal...just kind of dumb.

I can't seem to find seprate bass/treble controls, even tho there is a "user" EQ settings, besides the built in "hip hop", "rock", etc settings. Does the 6160 have a better EQ where bass/treble are adjustable?

The 5100 is about 30-50 bucks cheaper. The terminals on the 6160 are gold plated, whereas the 5100 they aren't.

I really have scoured the internet to find out these things, so instead I'm looking for others who have or have had these in their cars, and their thoughts on them. I plan on pairing this possibly with a cheap in dash swivel, non-motorized lcd with TV tuner so that I can see the track info and playlist as well as play DVDs, and watch the local news on my way home from work. (well, at least at stop lights, or when I'm going less thatn 50mph...hehe jk)

Thanks in advance-