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Thread: Signal Cabel from computer instead of stereo?

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    Signal Cabel from computer instead of stereo?


    I hope I put this thread in the right category now...

    This may be a common question, but I didn't find any answers to it.

    I'm going to get rid of my stereo, and just have a carpc in the car. And I'm woundering how it's going to work with the signal cabel from the pc instead of having it from the stereo. Is it any diffrence between the current/power? ( Edit: The signal cabel I'm talking about is the one to the amp )

    As I have said before, my english skills aren't the best. So I hope I make myself understood.

    Thanks in advance!


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    no different. line drivers can correct voltage issues you may or may not have (youll find out after everything is together and working), butits essentially identical once you convert your phono output to an RCA cable!

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