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Thread: radio removal - 2005 ford focus

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    Little better idea...

    BTW, that is the throttle body and TP sensor in the background
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    2005 Ford Focus ST

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    thank you sir!

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    i have a pioneer avic-n1 that i am going to install into a 2005 ford focus and i have to wire the pink wire to the vehicle speed sensor, anyone know where that is or if i even have to hook it up, i also heard that i might not have to. any help would be apreciated. THANKS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gospeed.racer View Post
    pretty much, but they are a PITA to remove cleanly. There isnt much of a place to pry, but you need to find a corner and tug lightly....then work it all the way around. Take your time!
    I found that a paint can opener that you can get for free at Home Depot or Lowes works very well.

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