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    3 - Custom Car Audio Installs

    Hi All

    Finally we've worked long and hard to get the site ready and now we can
    say we're 'Open for Business'.

    We specialise in mainly Vibe Audio products and pride ourselves on a
    dedicated and precise service.

    Check out our site:

    Any questions please PM me



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    Hey Y'all just to keep you updated Wavelengthaudio have now officially opened the WLA Forum!

    What does the WLA Forum cover you ask?!

    Well we cover a range of topics

    > General Chat allowing you to talk about ne thing and everything
    > ICE let us know your needs and we'll help you out as much as possible e.g. wiring some speakers to steps of boot builds
    > Sales/Wanted sell your unwanted items and make requests for your next stage of the modding bug
    > Members Rides show your ride off to your friends and let us know your plans
    > Much more...

    So please feel free to come and join us

    We are all friendly and everyone is made welcome

    Rich R

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    Ah yup, No blatant adverts on the forum please. You would not like it on your business forum. If I can control myself then anyone can.

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    Damn man, why are people who come to this forum so INTO making money.

    this is a hobby, not a business. jeez.
    (All done)
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