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Thread: sirius engine wine solution?

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    sirius engine wine solution?

    Hi all 1st wanted to thank everyone who was helping me with my engine wine I had posted before about a month ago got that fixed.

    New problem:
    I am trying to use my Sirius sportster in the car until I can afford the kit to integrate it into the computer and use it with the front-end.
    no mater how I hook it up get tones of electrical interference and engine wine. going into the line-in on the soundcard.
    1: plugged into the cigarette lighter no good
    2 : used the power wire from the cigarette lighter grounded it to chassis as close a possible(12"), straight to battery, in back where I have everything else grounded to i.e. amps,computer inverter no good
    3: used the switched power for the radio grounded it to all the points in #2
    no good
    the only way it works perfect is if I plug in the 120v dc adapter in the inverter and use it that way.
    any other ideas on what I can do?

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    Get a ground loop isolator (at radio shack or any car audio shop) and insert it between the line out of the sportster and the line in of your sound card.

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