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Thread: Audigy NX to stock amp

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    Audigy NX to stock amp

    I've done a search and tried to read through as much as I reasonably could, but couldn't find a definitive answer to my question.

    Basically, I'm running my setup HU-less, with sound coming out of the Audigy NX into my stock amp. Problem is, the amp's only got two proprietary plugs (no RCA inputs). What's the best way to get the sound working? This is what I've been thinking so far:

    1/8" jack out of audigy nx -> 2 RCA jacks, then cut and splice (solder?) each of those RCA wires to their respective speaker wires running into the amp, along with the grounds.

    Is that feasible? Or would I need some kind of line-level converter or pre-amp thingy? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    If your sound card output works with normal earphones it will be fine to feed the amp.
    If you're concerned, set the PC's volume to min and gradually turn it up with something playing. If you hear clipping stop, that's as far as you can go, but I doubt there will be any problems.

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