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Thread: Sentra Mp3 player question

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    Sentra Mp3 player question

    hey guys,
    I currently have a 2005 Nissan Sentra Special Edition with the 6 cd changer. I would like to change the default cd player but keep the cd changer and replace it with a in dash cd player that plays mp3. If I installed the new player would I also be able to insert mp3 cds into the changer and have it play through the car audio system?

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    Most factory cd changers are proprietary systems and can only function with the factory OEM equiptment, they are not readibly available to use with any other device than the factory
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    Try with a CD Changer the same brand

    My Sentra comes with a Clarion Car Stereo. Check the brand an test a cd Changer the same brand.


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