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Thread: Any suggestions on a good 10" sub?

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    Any suggestions on a good 10" sub?

    I'm jumping ahead of myself by even thinking of putting in a sub, considering i havent even finished my carputer yet (though i'm getting closer).

    But in the future, i'm thinking of putting in a good 10" sub, that will hopefully get rid of the distortion of my stock radio when i put on some Pantera.

    I'd like some suggestions on good, yet cheap 10" subs that will serve my purpose. Also, amp suggestions would be great. I am looking for low prices too though...which will probably make my search even harder.

    And if that's not enough, i need a sub that can work with not that much space. I have a ford ranger with an extended cab, but i don't want to take up any floor space in the back. I'd just like to make an enclouser that will fit in the place of the rear jumper seat.

    Like i said, i'm not looking to blow the windows or wake up the whole town, just get rid of the distortion that i get when i put my stero on loud (especially with the music i listen too)

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'd suggest the JL Audio 10W1, but I don't think they make those anymore. Still you might find a used one in good shape; just watch out that the surround hasn't rotted, or if it's cheap enough, budget for a re-surround kit.

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    I have 2 10' MTX 8000's with a 600 watt amp. It's more than enought to rattle my car. You can find these subs cheap on ebay for like $50, i got my amp on ebay MTX RT2400 for around $100. Just a suggestion, not the best, but good subs.
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    idq. sounds fantastic, cheap, works in about as small a box as you can fit it in, efficient so you wont break the bank on an amplifier, and only 5.5 inches deep.

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    the JL 10W3 would treat you pretty well I think. Although not as good, the Kicker CompVR 10" would probably work well too. (CompVR NOT Comp)

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    I have two 10 inch apline type s and a 500 watt jvc amp and I coudlnt be happier

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    My Votes for MTX, never had a problem with any of their products, and they are great sounding.

    You can get varying levels of MTX 10", Road Thunder, 4500, 5500, ZXS (?), 7500, 8500, 9500, or some weird small Jackhammer thing.

    I reccomend all of them
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    Diamond audio is probably a good fit...Comparable to the old JL 10W6, almost the same design except the small cone in the middle is harder plastic...They are not that expensive either...Im speaking from experience...very ideal for small enclosures...
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    I second the Image Dynamic IDQ. My favorite subs that I have used thus far. They work in almost any encolsure, and the thing that I like best is that they are so versitile. I have had mine since 98 and they are still working fine. My taste in music has also gone to rap or anything with bass to sound quality, and I just as happy as I was the day that i bought them. They don't require much power, but I would give it as much power as you can afford. Hope this helps and good luck with the search.

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