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Thread: No HU...need volume control for ps2

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    No HU...need volume control for ps2

    I dont have a Head Unit. Anyone know how I can control the volume on my ps2? I am building a carputer but for now I have no way to control my volume from my ps2. I just have the ps2 connected to my amp and then into the speakers. Any suggestions?

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    One of those little inline volume control thingies? (y'know the kind on headphones, basically just a pot I think.)

    Or you could build a fancy one:

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    look for a bass knob. basically controls the rca output level. the ones im talking about are ones that have rca in and out. Peripheral(sp?) makes one. most private audio shops should have it in stock or can get it for you(have not seen them at any best buy or c city type store)

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