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    Ok I'm gonna brace for the flames and the countless 's but I have searched and googled but I keep getting technical sites on the subject but I'm just looking for a simple spot to start off. Anyways here's the question.

    I'm working on my carputer for my 1989 suburban. I have been working with computers for... well ever and I even am programing my own software and I have all my hardware and everything already the only thing I need now is my speakers and amps. I really have no idea what to do now. I know a tiny bit about systems from talk with friends but nothing that can really help me. Maybe you guys have some suggestions? Heres some info to help out.

    The truck is a 1989 Chevrolet Suburban.

    I like listening to lots of music but mostly Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Rock, Alternative Rock and then I throw in some Jazz and Blues and once and a while some Hip-Hop and Rap but mainly focusing on the Rocks.

    I don't really need a system that will go to the point of becoming deaf but I want something that will get loud but i would still like to be able to hear the person next to me if they scream.

    And I would like to do it all for around 600 bucks if its possible.

    Any suggestions at all on speakers, amps, subs, and enclosures would be great. Thanks guys.

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    Front components rear coax's or just mids and a sub, myself i like Punch amps Kicker subs and Mb Quart speakers. Sealed enclosure is my personal fav but you have plenty of room for a bandpass or ported enclosure.

    oh yeah since you asked for it it has all been asked b4
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    With a 600 budget, your best bet is Ebay. 600 is not a whole lot, except perhaps in flea market brands. And may I suggest stay away from those.

    Rather than going cheap, it is better to go OLD school but quality. Amps are easier to find on Ebay and thats where to start. The brands to look for like the OLD School Rockfords, (Not the New ones) Orion, Crossfire, Atomic, MTX.

    Newer stuff like MA Audio, Cliff Designs, Solid Audio, Infinity are good choices.

    In a burbon you can stick what ever sub combination you wish, as you have the room. But in a vehicle that big, stick with 12 or 15 inch subs in a vented box. Again for the sub, keep away from the flea market. MA Audio, Audio Pipe, RE, Earthquake, Cliff Designs, OLD Rockford Punch, Orion etc subs.

    What you should by new are the mids and highs. This is where you will be spending money. Infinity, Focal, DLS, MB Quart, Cerwin Vega, are good choices. So get on the bay and take a look see.

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