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Thread: Need help on a kenwood ddx install

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    Need help on a kenwood ddx install

    Hey im installing a kenwood ddx in my 2005 altima and i have a bunch of wires aside from the obvious left over that i dont know where to connect. The first is a blue wire that the book says goes to the power antennea which i dont have and the other one is a yellow wire that says that it need to go to the battery. Now the harness already has a yello wire connected to it and i dont know should i connect both yello wires to the harness or should i run the yellow wire with the fuse that says 5v directly to the battery. If so where do i connect it to? Thanks for your hlep guys.

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    For the power atenna wire just don't use that wire at all. You can cap it off, cut off any exposed wire from the end, or just leave it folded in that little sticker if it's still stuck to the wire.

    As for the second yellow wire, I just tapped that into the same constant power that my other yellow wire is in. I'm not sure if there's any reason you'd need to run that directly to the battery because they probably would have given you a longer wire for that. But maybe someone else will chime in on that one.

    You're also going to have two black ground wires and you can definitely tap those two into the same wire. And if you want to operate the DVD feature of the head unit without using the parking brake then just tie the green parking brake wire coming off of the head unit in with your two black grounds. Hope that helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aqualyricist
    should i run the yellow wire with the fuse that says 5v directly to the battery.
    The main question is do you have a 5V battery? If not that should answer your question. My recommendation is take it and get it installed because from the questions your asking i dont know that you need to be doing this.

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    Hey man, no reason to be like that Racerx. He's just trying to save himself a few hundred dollars from paying someone else to crimp his wires together. The only way you really learn is to do it yourself. And the only way to learn is to ask questions. There's not much that a novice installer can fry unless they connect the 12v+ to a ground so as long as you know better than to do that you're taking on a fairly easy task.

    I just finished wiring up my DDX-8017 last night (I added a few other things to the install so I worked on it slowly), so if you have any other questions feel free to ask!


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