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Thread: Can anyone recommend a USB sound card?

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    Can anyone recommend a USB sound card?

    I am currently using the Audigy NX in my ride and it sucks. Many issues (listed on other thread). Anyway, I need a USB sound card that will be able to ouput to my 4 channel amp and 2 channel sub amp. The Audigy had 3 analog line outs (Front, rear, sub/center). I need the same on my new sound card. I dont need it to play 5.1, just stereo is fine. I was thinking of the sound blaster MP3+ but I cant tell if it has multiple analog line outs. I am nervous to go with sound blaster again. Can anyone help? I am willing to pay up to $100 if the card is excellent.

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    i currently have the MP3+ and want to upgrade to the Audigy NX, why do you want to switch? Is it sound quality?

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