I have finally gotten my system up and running and everything is working fine but for a anoying static sound that is audiable through the speakers at a regular interval. The static goes on for about a second and it occurs every minute.

I used to have problems with more or less constant static and interferance on my Lilliput LCD but the issue was solved by grounding all the parts in the system at the same point. In addition all the devices are powered by the same dc-regulator to make sure that everything is running in sync.

Does anybody know what might be causing the periodic static I am having.

My setup today:
VIA epia m10000
20GB 2.5" hd
Lilliput 7" LCD with usb touchscreen
Carnetix CNX-P1290
USB soundcard SB Audigy 2 NX
USB GPS royaltek sapphire
USB OBD II cable