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Thread: Creative X-Fi in your system?

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    Creative X-Fi in your system?

    Is there anybody with crative x-fi soundcard in there car pc setup

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    there are a couple people using them in the centrafuse board under "software and development/front ends"

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    Quote Originally Posted by CL_lover
    Is there anybody with crative x-fi soundcard in there car pc setup
    I take it your looking to setup one in your car pc..
    next time specify why u want to know.. any info you want on the card
    otherwise a simple "YES" would have been the answr

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    I'm running one. Way better than the Audigy 2 I had. I get way more volume out of it, and seems to reduce the background noise on some of my songs. Haven't played around too much with it yet, but I do think it was worth the price paid.

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