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Thread: Pionner IP_Bus HACK low volume.

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    Pionner IP_Bus HACK low volume.

    I have a pioneer deh-3600 and the ip bus volume input on the head unit is very low. I have to turn up the volume almost all the way and the source level volume up just to hear it at a normal volume. Is there a product that would take the headphone jack off the computer to rca outputs. Then boost the signal before it runs threw a set of shielded rca's to my head unit. Ive searched for rca signal boosters but have had no luck.

    Thanks JCarere

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    yeah u can get an adapter for under $7 at radioshack that will convert stereo headfone plug into 2 rca outputs or vice versa.
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    Line Driver

    I think what you are looking for is a "Line Driver".
    Here is an example.

    Good luck.

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    jcarere you still wanna sell that unit?
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