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Thread: E46 BMW Car2PC Step By Step Install

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    E46 BMW Car2PC Step By Step Install

    I've just completed writeup with photos of installing a Car2PC USB headunit/cd changer emulator/aux input adapter in my E46 Bimmer:

    I'll be posting software and drivers for interfacing to an Omnifi DMP1 MP3 player ( when it's ready. I've ported kernel and user mode Linux drivers to this device as well.

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    Wonderful, this was very helpful. My own install is a little bit different (though I have a similar car 323Ci), I want to install the Car2Pc in the trunk using the cd changer wires and get rid of my head unit all together. Do I follow the same instructions regarding the wires to T-Tap as well as using the other (black) connector? I'm not sure what the connector on the CD-Changer wire looks like or if it differs from the HU connector, so any help would be very welcome. Also, what potential pitfalls should I watch out for in going this route. Please any advice would be much welcome and thanks again for the tutorial.

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