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Thread: Advice on portable creative mp3 player mod

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    Question Advice on portable creative mp3 player mod

    hey all, jus wondering if anyone has had any luck modding a cars audio loom to handle a connection from an mp3 player so it will play through the speakers. had an idea the other not bothered bout connecting a 12v line, ill jus use the mp3 players internal battery to power it, but i also want to use the head unit when the mp3 player is not in the car? ne ideas guys?

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    What would be helpful to know in the first place is what kind of car do you have and does your radio have a cd changer option not in use(assuming its a factory radio). If so you can probably order a part that is capable of using the empty port for the cd changer as an auxillary input. Otherwise the only simple solution is to use everyones favorite fm modulator.
    It would have also great if you first before posting. It just gets annoying seeing the same type of post when these type of questions have already been addressed more than a fair share of times.
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    Its a VW Golf 2001 mk4. its the factory fitted radio the uprated gamma one. its got a 6 disc changer with the relevant push on adaptor. i have searched vw forums all day yesterday plus searched on here, and a lot of it is not relevant and doesnt help me.i dont want to use my PC in the car jus me portable mp3 throught the speakers.

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