I'm planning on running a HU-less setup with an Alpine PXA-H700 (someone's selling an H900 on one of the car audio forums I frequent, pity it's a bit out of my pricerange... By a few hundred percent).


Bus-powered USB soundcard with optical S/PDIF supporting PCM, AC3 and DTS.

I've heard some say that the USB Digital Music is AKA the mp3+, and some also mention the mp3+ in the same sentance as resume issues. The LX version is slightly different, I was wondering if anyone knew if it had any/the same issues as the mp3+. Apart from any issues it may have, this seems ideal for me. I was planning on running an Audigy of some kind solely for the optical out, but this seems so much better.

Don't judge by the 0 posts please, I've been a lurker here for ages while I'm planning my install, only decided to pipe up because this is a question that only experience can answer, not research alone.