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Thread: anyone ever seen this DVD player?

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    anyone ever seen this DVD player?

    hey everyone, new to this site. I am wondering if anyone has ever seen this DVD player or have any pos/neg comments about it. I am looking at purchasing it some time at the start of next year and i am going to be wiring my XBOX into my car. (oh and second question, what all do i need to get to install my xbox, mostly i would like to know what kind of power wiring/hardware i will need.)

    Thanks everyone.


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    If your XBox is v1.5 or earlier, you can get an adapter to use an ATX power supply and use an M1-ATX or Opus 120w for the Xbox. Others have done it.
    If you have v1.6 of the XBox, you're going to need an inverter, at least until someone comes up with another solution.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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