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Thread: Speakers buzz oddly

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    Speakers buzz oddly

    I don't know if this is in the FAQ (I CHECKED for it) but my speakers would buzz all the time but it wasn't constant and would be a certain pattern. Didn't follow a hard drive sound and wasn't a hum. I was perplexed and ****ed. Then one day I took my WIRELESS card out for my laptop and....whualala, no buzzing. So a FYI is that the wireless card (if close to speaker wires i guess) can have a crosstalk issue. Just usefull to check before people buy or make a ground loop eliminator.

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    My cellphone causes that on my desktop speakers and some wired telephnes. It's RFI, plain and simple.
    Try using shielded cables or shielding them in some way that they're not going to be affected by the radio signals fromt eh WiFi card.

    Also, if you have teh capability, a WiFi antenna outside tha vehicle should hald with the problem, as it's using the body's sheetmetal for shielding.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Yeah i know all about RFI, and my cell does it to my house comp but not the car. Yeah I realized i needed a sheilded cable once i figuredit out. But with all the talk about ground loops, and the sounds only happened during certain things, it was hard to pinpoint at first. But we all know now.

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