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Thread: Alpine H700 or the Alpine PXA-H701?

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    No need for a line driver. I have been running mine now for two years with out a hitch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Defiler View Post
    Going digital will remove a lot if not all noise if the RCA runs are done properly. I don't think you would need a line driver for the 700/701. I haven't finished my project with my 700 yet but I don't think Red or the others that use the 700 have a line driver. Going the digital route will make a huge difference IF you have the equipment to back it up. Having a kick a$$ processor means nothing if you have crap equipment. This goes for cars as well as home theater.
    sorry to dig this up again, but how do u adjust the volume if you use H700 optical input from the PC?

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    you adjust it with the RUX-701 controller, just like normal.
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