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Thread: SVEN4 Help PLEASE! BMW

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    I am planning on installing a car pc on friday. I just orderd a SVEN4 beacause from the description it sounds like what I need. I want to retain my OEM HU but want to intergrate my PC for audio. I purchased the SVEN4 thinking that I can use it at the CD changer harness and then just put my HU on cd when i want my PC audio. Am I thinking right? Will this work? When the SVEN4 comes, how do I know what wires to connect? Anyone have expericen? Thanks! (my car is a bmw E46 with HK system)

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    183 not get a sven.....get a blitzsafe adaptor or a bmw aux from crutchfield. The sven will not give you good quality and more problems installing then you can imagine. All you do is open up the left part of the trunk behind the carpet....locate the cd changer cords. plug the blitzsafe adaptor or aux unit from crutchfield in the cd changer cord. then plug rca cables in it. Then you just hit the cd button on your cd player..and there you go..let me know ifyou need more recommend the one from crutchfield..its only like $40 bucks and is extremly easy..dont start gettin a sven though!

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    i use a blitzsafe adapter for my car, connecting it couldnt be simpler

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