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Thread: I think i blew my amp?

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    I think i blew my amp?

    So installed an alpine 5-channel amp the other day. Its a 4-channel amp plus sub driver. I built my own custom pc enclosure and forgot to ground the powersupply to the chassis so i ended up getting a big ground loop. I think i blew the sub channel on my amp. Does anybody know if this is possible. or how i can check to see if this is what happened. The rest of the amp works, just not the sub channel anymore. thanks for your help.

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    it is possible to blow that channel on it's own.

    Several 5 channel amps out there use a class a or class AB (usually AB) for the 4-channel and a seperate class d for the sub channel.

    Do you happen to know which series/model etc amp?

    other than making sure your sub isn't blown (take another sub and plug it into that channel) and / or ditching the wire that's connecting the channel and sub currently to make sure it's not a wire issue....not sure how else you would test it on your own.
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    Need more details on the setup and what works/what dosn't work and what you want done for a proper diagnostics.

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