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Thread: Is this how I should do it?

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    Is this how I should do it?

    Ok this is my planned setup:

    - Touchscreen mounted in dash of my Daewoo (go on laugh it up )
    - No headunit (LCD fits perfectly in space where headunit previously existed)
    - four factory speakers (will eventually be replaced cash flow permitting)
    - Celeron 1ghz Carputer with onboard soundcard (may be replaced depending on what it can do)

    Is this how I have to setup this system to work??

    Thanks again and sorry for what is prob a newb question I just sifted for an hour and didnt directly answer my questions

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    But yet that's the same pic from the FAQ on how to connect your PC to your amp....

    No, it's not how you HAVE to do it. You could go with a headunit or a pre-amp before the amp(s) as well. You can also use SPDIF into a DSP. But that's the simplest way.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I would change it up a little.. run one set of cables, and split the signal right before the amp.. no reason to run twice as much wire.

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    that pic has only one output being used on a surround card. and its splitting a two channel source into 4 channels.
    i'd do 4.1 sound. split the front l/r and back l/r ports to a 4 channel amp and then the c/s to an amp/subwoffer. you can configure it to play 2 channel audio, such as mp3s as a double 2-ch signal, thereby sending the same signal to front and back.
    if you are only listening to music then the pic you posted is the simplest/optimal way to do it. i however play games (half life 2 or emulated consoles) and watch movies (Xvid with ac3 codec) on my lunch break.

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    Ok so I found a cheap 4 channel AMP. I was told that the AMP could likely feedback distortion through my system and cause slight lines across LCD. Is this true?

    I will be powering this with an M1-ATX power supply


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