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Thread: What do you think of these components?

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    What do you think of these components?

    So I am sick of my monsoon system, it is a pain in the *** to deal with and there is to much noise introduced because it doesn't have the normal remote on feature. As a result I have decided to replace it. I figure the new after market components will sound much better. I have a few issue I am considering.

    1. COST - I love good quality sound, but to be perfectly honest, I am not a refined enough listener to be able to tell the difference between pretty good and top end. Not to mention, mp3 are small because the quality of the music is lower than that of a .wav. END RESULT - I want good components but I don't wish to break the bank.

    2. SIZE - I would like a small amp that could fit in the space that used to be taken up by my monsoon system.

    I need a 4-channel amp and 4 x 6.5 inch speakers.

    Here is what I am thinking about, tell me what you all think about it:

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    Don't know about the amp. As far as speakers go to a store and listen to some speakers. Listen to some high end ones, cheap ones, and in-between. Really can't tell if you are going to liken them by looking at a picture and reading specs.
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    Great name Great Cost Like naamanf said go to a store and listen to them, i had alpines in the door of my Thunderbird and loved them but now im more partial to Mb Quart. Personally id do Componenets up front and a midbass in the rear.
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    Those are Coaxles not Components. Components have a separate tweeter and a crossover. If I were you I would look at CDT. Although I have never heard them myself I've heard a lot of people say they are a really good bang for the buck. As for the rears... Unless your playing movies in your car and need surround sound I wouldn't bother. I actually found the rear fill annoying an disconnected the speakers. Alpine amps are good but expensive per watt. You may be able to still get a PG Titanium or Tantrum online for a good price.
    Good luck

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