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Thread: FM Transmitter

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    FM Transmitter

    I am new to the in car PC world and I am having some difficulty on how I would go about using the current in-car speakers to a computer. Do I need an aftermarket headunit?

    I thought of an alternative:
    USB FM Transmitter
    That way all audio would be transmitted wirelessly, no re-wiring needed, and then the stock head unit would be able to tune to the correct radio station, and receive all audio through that. What are your thoughts for that?

    I am trying to keep as many things as I can stock inside my car -- Chrysler 300, and want to do as simple as possible.


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    HOW TO: Get sound from PC to Car Stereo / Amp

    Check out the FAQ Emporium. Do some reading. You'll learn a lot.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I was specifically asking about an FM transmitter, I did use the search button, and it did not return any results that anyone has use a transmitter like this. Any comments would be good.

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    To put it bluntly: sound quality would be ****ty. Most decent aftermarket head units have some form of audio input.

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    I have used one of these: with my laptop in my wife's 300. I found the sound to be acceptable if tuned to the right frequency. Obviously this is not the best solution as there can be some interference but it really does sound as good if not better than any of the radio stations I can tune in on the factory head unit. This transmmiter has great range as well. My friend was following me and could pickup the audio signal in his car as well. Just make sure you find a channel that is clear of interference from any of the other stations where you live. Another nice feature of this unit is that it will auto power on and off when it "senses" audio input or lack there of.
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    Thank you. It sounds like I need to get an amp and re-wire the speakers instead of to headunit ==> to the amp.

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