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Thread: 1.5 Din Adapter

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    1.5 Din Adapter


    I'm from Belgium, and I'll put a CAR PC in my Chevrolet Astro.

    So, the first thing I have to do is removing the GM Autoradio and put an After market Radio with AUX IN.

    Do you know where I can find a spacer for fitting a sigle din autoradio in my 1.5 Din ?

    Or I can also buy an Autoradio with RDS and AUX IN... But where ?



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    I'm not sure about over there, but if you go into a car audio store you should be able to get the kit for a few bucks...

    Metra Electronics is one of those companies that makes the kits...

    you should try searching online at some of the car audio retailers for your specific car kit. Most of the time they will replace that .5 DIN with just a pocket, sometimes you will have the option of a pocket or just a blank plate for that spot.
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