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Thread: XFI = wow

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    XFI = wow

    I got the new SoundBlaster XFI Extreme Music for xmas, and just wanted to say, wow.

    it took a while to tweak and i am still working on it, but wholy **** it sounds good. I have not run into any issues with drivers or sound yet, but I am still in the early phases of playing with it.

    It comes with an incredible amount of software, all of which seems pretty usefull for controlling its capibiblities (crystalizer, Dolby, DTS, ect)

    When i get a more time to play i will write up review...
    My Install

    CFiG v1
    iGuidance Plugin for CF

    Working shell for a CarPC

    StopWatch plugin remade for centrafuse RC1

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    I've had an X-Fi for about three months and am very pleased with it.

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