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Thread: Help needed! for 94 mazda mx6 audio

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    Help needed! for 94 mazda mx6 audio

    I just got a mx6. the audio system is by factory now!

    I have bought a subwoofer which is Kenwood KSC-SW1 it has a built in amp, all i need to do is connect it to the audio system

    I also have an ipod i want connect it with the system, i don't need to control the ipod thro the cdplayer, just aux in is fine.

    now, anyone can tell me do I need to buy a new cd-player? if not, how can i pull the old cd-player out ?

    I just don't know where to start and how to get into the back of the cd-player.

    thanks man.

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    ummmm.... wow. You are going to need to give a little more information. Are you running a Car PC? when you said "I want add a sub which has a build-in amp" the only subs that come with a built in amp that i know of are sold by Bazooka. what do you mean by connect the audio system to your Ipod. "system pannel"?? mount what thing??? I think if you think out what you're going to post first instead of just posting garbage, things would go 10x smoother for you.
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    if you wanna connect an ipod ur gonna need either a new cd player or an fm modulator

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    Kenwood, clarion, Pioneer, etc. all make/made self amplified subs.

    -iPod - FM modulator for factory radio
    -Sub - has "line in" connections. You can tap into the rear speaker wires for a signal. Still need to run power, ground and remote.

    -Head unit swap will provide better sound quality. no clue how to remove. Does it have the ford 2 holes on each side of the deck?

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