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Thread: bmw e46 aftermarket cd changer install help!!!

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    Question bmw e46 aftermarket cd changer install help!!!

    i have just puruchased a kenwood 10 disk mp3 cd changer with the intention of installing it in my 2000/e46/318i so i cut the 13 pin din cable in half and the heads of the standard bmw changer loom and came up with:-

    4 speaker cables (i assume) [black, grey, red and white]
    1 power [red]
    1 earth [brown]
    and a k-bus (thats the name mr haynes gives it) [white/red/yellow]

    and on the din lead side

    4 speaker cables (once again assumeing)
    4 speaker return (still assuming)
    1 power [red/green]
    1 earth [brown]
    2 mistary wires (please can some one tell mw what they do) [red, white]

    so now conecting them i have conected the power and earth and the changer is working it has power but that is as far as i got i tryed trial and error but that dident work, has anyone out there done one before any help would be most greatful i cant stand tapes and radio anymore circit diagrams or any advice would help greatly

    thanks lewis

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    Maybe this site will help:

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