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Thread: CY-AC300EX Hot & Bothered

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    CY-AC300EX Hot & Bothered

    Hi all,

    I have a CY-AC300EX which I bought in as a "clearance item".....

    Needless to say it could be misbehaving !

    When power is applied to the unit, the heatsync slowly warms up until it gets too hot to touch (about 85 degrees C, enough for a good burn). As I don't touch it often I'm not toooooo worried (am awaiting a touch-test from antimatter to see if his does the same). The rest of the case doesn't get hot, just the heatsync which is connected to a processor (I had a peek inside). Personally tho I can't understand that it's doing anything too clever to get that hot!

    More annoyingly, as the sync/sink is hot even with the ACC line cut it's slowly draining my battery! The ACC line appears to be working, because with my ignition off, its control unit has no lights on. When I turn the car on, the control unit lights up.

    Thinking this is all a bit strange, I downloaded the user manual (not included) today to check the wiring. On my unit, the 3 black wires from the power connector were all crimped together into one blade connector. This was subsequently connected to ground.

    The manual has now corrected me as it appears that they should never have been put together as one is GND, one is centre speaker negative (black with small green line) and centre speaker positive (black)!

    So the next problem is that I don't know which of the pure black wires is the "real" ground wire (both identical).

    Apart from these issues, the device itself works fine! I can connect either of the pure black wires to GND and it works. For now I've assumed that the one with the lowest resistance to the case of the unit is the "true" ground and I'm using that one.

    Unfortunatly this change hasn't altered the always-on behaviour of the unit. I guess if it is supposed to get as hot as it does I will just wire up a relay to the PC to cut the power feed when the PC is off!

    Any thoughts? Thanks.

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    Figured out which is true find the two that are the same length (centre) and then take the other one

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    also the "true" one is a little thicker than the other...
    I have the repair manual of it... let me try and find it for you...

    edit: have you tried to disable the center speaker through the control head unit?

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    Thanks for that.

    I have disabled the center and subwoofer as am not using them. Sound improves but it still runs very hot. However, I left it connected again last night and this time the battery didn't run down. Therefore, it's possible that the first time it was a coincidence and I'd left a light or other device on!

    So I'm guessing that it's supposed to get this hot and I'm just being over cautious (not necessarily a bad thing when electricity and tanks of petrolium spirit are concerned)

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