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Thread: Best way to adjust Gain, Frequency, etc?

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    Best way to adjust Gain, Frequency, etc?

    Well I want good sound quality with my newly installed sub and amp. I was messing around with the gain while the volume was down, sub was not connected at speaker output, and was trying to measure the voltage across the channel with a voltmeter but it was showing up? Also, shouldnt a sub get progressivly louder when the gain is being turned up? Mine didnt do a thing. It just stayed the same. Is there a problem with my amp or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

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    I was always told you mess with the gain at 2/3 to 3/4 volume. Maybe that's why you're getting no change? Could be wrong. What are the specs of the equipment you are using?
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    dont turn gains up to high, turn ur gains down 2 0 and then ur stereo up 75%, turn ur gains up till it distorts, then turn it down a little from that...theres uyr gain settings.

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    you will need a sound track of 1000hz @ 0db to set gains...

    you will need to listen for clipping while ou adjust the gains, go from the gains being at 0 up. When you hear the frequency change (head unit volume will need to be turned up quite a bit at this point), back off and leave it there.

    Your gain will be set correctly if you do this correctly.
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