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Thread: Cant get power to my amp...

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    Did you get the multimeter yet? Without that, you really have no way of telling what the problem is.

    There's no reason to take it anywhere, it's probable a pretty simple fix..and a multimeter will tell you what's wrong.

    How do you know the fuse is good? Does it "look" good, or did you test for continunity? Sometimes the fuse may look good, but you realise it's actually not after testing it.

    Check to see if there's voltage at the amp. Put the probes of the multimeter on the power wire you ran from your battery, to the ground wire. It should read approx. 12 volts. If not, somethings wrong.

    Check to see if there's any voltage on the remote line also. If I'm not mistaken, there should be voltage on the remote line if the amps are on (or suppose to be at least) and no voltage when the amps are off. If your headunit is on, but there's no voltage on the remote line..somethings wrong.

    Once you have tested all these..reply back with your results and we'll be able to limit out a couple things and figure out what's going on.
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    got it

    well, it seems that the remote wire wasn't getting any power, I tore the deck out and there were 3 diff blue wires plus the illum. wire. I tried all 3 blues and nothing, so I used a jumper wire on the amp and it worked (thank god). so I pulled back the remote wire and put it on the amp's power feed and it worked, so the wire is good..but no power to the amp from the deck. So I think I'll just hook up the remote wire to my cig lighter for power.

    On second thought, I don't remember seeing a ground wire on the deck or deck chassis. Would that cause the deck's remote power feed to not work?

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    The ground wire out of the head unit will be the black one. If the ground wasn't hooked up at all, then the head unit wouldn't even turn on. Circuit City installed the head unit for you, right? Your probably fine then. Try using your mulitmeter to see if the Remote-out of your Pioneer head unit is working correctly. Check it right at the head unit.
    Good Luck.

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