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Thread: Quality of audio

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    Quality of audio

    Greetings all, I was wondering how good the onboard VIA VT1616 6 channel ACí97 Codec actually are? I mean if you had a completly built system with amps, speakers and subs, then just replaced the HU with a carputer would you expect the same quality in sound given clean cableing and all? Thanks -Peter

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    I haven't had a problem with mine. I just have an Alpine CD HU, upgraded speakers in the doors (no amp) and 2 10"s w/ a rockford amp, with the computer going through a line in on the alpine and I actually prefer listening to music from the computer because of the EQ settings. The biggest thing when using a computer is controlling the hum/noise, but if you can get that under control then I think you'd be happy with the sound. So for most systems in cars you'd be hard pressed to notice a whole lot of difference between an regular (uncompressed) CD and a decent mp3 on a computer, unless you had a really nice audio setup and were really particular about what you hear.
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    I have mine running 2 sets of Ipod cables to an Alpine-f240 4 channel and its great sound provided the source is good. CD/DVD/mp3 play amazing, Sirius with Mitches was okay until i upgraded the input to optical and now that is the best sirius sound I have heard (only seen the hard wired and fm modulated). There is a little wine on the line when the computer is not on. But I have to admit that I have done no wiring yet. Everything is mounted but the cables are just laying across the trunk. If i hold the cables away from the power it would stop the wine so it probably will go away when the actual wiring is done.


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