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Thread: Hyundai stock audio add Aux-in

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    Question Found Hyundai stock audio add Direct Aux-in

    This is most difficult brand for direct aux-in. Namely,
    H260, 265



    H290, 295


    HMP380 (MP3 Capable)

    H910, 930, 935, 940, 941, 950 ( these maybe Asian model number equivalent to H260-295 series)

    These models all have CD changer ports. And audio are decent of quality.

    No US Adaptors from any (Cruchfield, Ice-link etc.).

    Found a company can make it and tested fine. Direct link to CD port. Sound beautiful without noise. Price nice: $29.99 plus shipping.

    But mini order 500 pc . I just don't know if that many people will be interested. Seem to me very small demand.

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    Can you give a link to this company please? Any details on the pinout/wiring diagram?

    I have a Hyundai stock radio+cassette and don't want to throw it out.

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    There is a GB going on at New Tiburon

    Hyundai with no CD can't get aux-n adaptor working

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