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Thread: sub suggestions...

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    sub suggestions...

    i was looking at the arsenal 12 but they are all sold out... any suggestions for this amp??

    KENWOOD KAC-9152D 1800w Class-D Mono Amp Amplifier---looking for sub to go into 1994 Accord-- any suggestions?

    Max Power: 1800 watts
    RMS 500 watts ( 4 Ohms, Less than 1% THD+N)
    Rms 900 watts (2 Ohms, Less than 1% THD+N)
    RMS 900 watts (1 Ohm, 100Hz, 1% THD at 14.4V)
    Power MOS-FET Switching Power Supply
    Dual Mono Drive
    1 Ohm Stable
    Variable Low-Pass Filter
    Remote Bass Boost Control
    Infrasonic Filter
    Line Output
    Speaker Level Input
    Gold Plated Power & Speaker Terminal

    was going to spend bout $150 on a sub and build ported box, looking for suggestions and spec to build one... thanks in advance....

    had a suggestion to go kicker l7 12" 4ohm or alpine type r.. new to car audio and dont want to waste money on poor product..

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    get an alpine type r. i hear those are some badass subs. great sq. get pretty damn loud too. i don't have one. (i have a jl 13w7) but you can go wrong with the type r. go for it man. i'm sure you'll hardly be dissappointed with it.

    the L7's can get loud but not as good of sq. either way you can't really go wrong but i vote type r.

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