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    I recently bought a new vehicle and I began modifying the interior sound system drastically.

    I bought a brand new Clarion DXZ655MP Deck, A Rockford Fostgate Monoblock Amp to power my two 10" Subs and I am currently running an AudioPipe 850 to run my highs.

    I am required to replace my AudioPipe Amp (bought it used) becauses its just about on the border line of being finished. Can I get some recommendations about these specifications on this amplifer I will display.

    Do you guys think this will be clean and produce more then enough power (Planning on Installing some Hidden Speakers soon)...

    4x200W RMS at 4 Ohms
    4x500W MAX at 4 Ohms
    2x800W MAX at 4 Ohms Bridged
    4x350W RMS at 2 Ohms
    Electronic Crossover Network
    Bass Boost Circuit
    Bridgeable at 4 Ohms
    2 Ohm Stereo Stable
    Tri-Mode Capable
    Gold Plated RCA Inputs
    Line Outs for 1 and 2 Channel
    Low Pass Filter Control
    High Pass Filter Control
    Remote Bass Level Control
    Power and Protection LED Indicators
    Red Lighting Illumination
    Side Leg Mounting
    THD: <0.04%.
    S/N Ratio: >90dB
    Input Sensitivity : 100mV ~4V
    Channel Separation : >65dB
    Freq. Response : 10Hz ~ 30KHz
    Patent Pending
    Soft Turn-on/Turn-off
    Dimensions : 8.6''(W) x 2.74''(H) x 12.6''(L)

    This is a Pyle Driver 4CH 2000 Watt Amplifier. I know is nothing special but Im only planning on Powering my Highs and I dont want to start investing over 200 bux for this. Any suggestions about these specs?

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    you get what you pay for... unless its alpine, rockford, pioneer, sony, kenwood or most name brands for that matter. some cheap brands are cheap because there is no name recognition/middleman, others are cheaply made. That being said, Pyle's are cheaply made.

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    don't sacrifice cost for quality. one of the biggest mistakes you can make. it could go out on you shortly after and then you'd be looking to buy another amp. with the combined money from the pyle amp and the new 2nd amp, you could have bought a pretty high-quality amp that would've lasted a long time. don't skimp on quality. besides jvc, pyle, sony, pyramid, dual, lightning audio (sony) all overrate their amps to make them "appealing" to the younger crowd who doesn't kno a thing about audio. also audiobahn isn't that great. you think all that chrome dissipates heat well? yeah....just my $.02 cents

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