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Thread: Will my HU accept a CD changer?

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    Will my HU accept a CD changer?

    I want to have a P.I.E. Aux In gizmo hooked up to my 2006 Chevy Trailblazer with the base radio. This will let me hook up an XM radio I already own. Fine print on the PIE gizmo says head unit must be capable of accepting a cd changer, if not the PIE won't work. How can I tell if the HU will accept a cd changer? Dealer's service guys are totally clueless.

    HU does have the 12 pin connector on the back. Has RDS too.


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    It's your vehicle, so you've got the resources to make this determination.

    Usually, an OEM's base-model headunit doesn't include changer controls.

    And unless someone has an '06 GM vehicle with the same model headunit, nobody's going to understand what the 12-pin connector is for.
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    The easiest way to tell if it has changer controls is to look on the radio for a CD button, trusting that you don't have a cd player in the front. Peripheral makes numerous adapters to make this work if you can.
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    It could work if. . . .

    I've had the same converstions with many incompetant dealers and technicians about this one. I have a 2005 Trailblazer with a stock single disc cd player. If you'll notice at the bottom left of the radio there should be a button that says something like CD/AUX. If you have this, and there is a header for a changer on the rear of the radio (several pins wide), then you should be golden. The warning that PIE gives has to do with the upgraded radio that already has XM, ONStar, etc which you and I don't seem to have. I hope this helped.

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    If you have the 9 pin connector that looks this one, your chances are probably pretty good.

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