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Wow I had to register an account to reply to this bundle of misinformation I have stumbled across. What kind of engineer did you say you are I sure hope its not electrical because you need to go return your diploma and ask for your money back. "14V for current" what is that supposed to mean?.. there is a V after 14 for a reason its volts.... volts is volts a measure of potential. Current is measured in amps.
Hrmmm - I don't recall every claiming to be any kind of an engineer...especially not back then. Did you notice that this thread is nearly 2 years old?! The title under my user name is Sales Engineer because that's what I do for this company. I don't have an engineering degree, and I don't falsely claim to have one. Sales Engineer is a title recognized by the US Govt. It's not a claim that I have an engineering degree by any means. I'm sorry you falsely believe that to be the case.

The correct calculation to find your power in Watts (equal to the power developed in a circuit by a current of one ampere flowing through a potential difference of one volt) Is Voltage X Current in Amps = WATTS
You'll notice that that's what I was saying, I just got ahead of myself and substituted Current for voltage...because I was thinking ahead of myself. Is it wrong? Absolutely! Does it mean I'm an idiot? I don't think so. All it shows is that I got ahead of myself and put that down in text. The math as I showed it is still correct.

Like it or not, some people out there work like that. It's completely unfortunate, but it happens. What I was saying in my post was this:

Wattage = Amperage x Amperage x Efficiency

Amperage = Current

So you can see where I was getting ahead of myself.

This reply is not a flame by anymeans it is mere fact, but like most you will most likely take it as one and right this off as some kind of malicious attack at your level of intellect.
I would take it like that by the way you came on here up in arms...there are better ways of telling someone they made a mistake...rather than going all out right off the bat. Insulting someone's level of education and/or intelligence (perceived or real) doesn't exactly tell someone you're NOT flaming them. However, notice that I'm not taking it as such. I've been on this forum way to long to let something so minor get to me.

Remember its ok to not know.
You're preaching to the choir about being ok to not know. I will always be the first to say I don't know.