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Thread: VW monsoon question

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    VW monsoon question

    i have a theroy i would like some input on.

    first my setup:

    2001 vw jetta, crappy laptop in the trunk, a 6 disk changer with the monsoon radio/tape HU. they make this adapter that allowes you to turn the trunk cd changer into an aux-in, could i hook this up and steel the output from the cd changer and pipe it into my laptop, then out of my laptop into the HU via the cd changer adapter. thus allowing me to play cd's from the changer but still allowing my omputer a direct input into the HU.. thughts?

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    Why don't you just remove your cd changer and rip your disks into laptop ?
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    By using the Aux-In adapter, your head-unit can no longer control the cd-changer. So it is not possible using the Aux-in adapter.

    But you could leave the cd-changer plugged in and just figure out which lines in the cd-changer cable carry the audio. You could then hack up that cable and hook up your computer to these wires in the way you described. However you may be dissapointed in the sound quality as your laptop may be introducing some added noise when listening to the cd-changer. Also, you (probably) wouldn't be able to listen to the cd changer if the laptop was off.

    Alteratively, instead of using the line-in of your laptop you could use a switch-box to switch between the changer and the laptop. Using either of these methods you will have to be playing a cd in order to "turn on" the input for use with the laptop.

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    Forget the changer. Rip the CD's to the laptop and free yourself from the bondage of useless optical platters!

    The audio quality should be fine. I used my CD changer wire as audio inputs to my aux-in of my HU, running it from the computer, through the CD changer wire, and then into the HU. It sounded fine.
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    I was planning of using the adapter just to isolate the L/R audio and running all the other cd changer wires to the changer, and I had thought about using a switch to control which audio stream is reaching the HU.

    Although I agree with the beauty of mp3's, I still like the ability to play a cd - just as a cd.

    I will probably end up unplugging the cd changer, just wanted to get the opinion of "those who know more than I".

    I thought about finding a slim line USB cd-rom and just letting it float under the passenger seat to allow me access to a drive...

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