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Thread: Center Channel Suggestions!

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    Center Channel suggestions...again!

    Hey everyone I've done some thinking and I decided that I would like to give the center channel a try. I got an amp for it (Alpine MRV-F301) and now I am looking for a nice speaker to run. I am looking for a speaker (5.25"-6.5" 2-way) that will sound good reflected off the windshield. I have done some research and from what I have seen some speakers sound good when reflected and others sound horrible. Does anyone have any experience with speakers being reflected off windshields and have any suggestions for me. I know I am beating this topic to death but any help is appreciated!!

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    If you are gonna buy a full-size speaker (5.25 or 6.5) then I'd recommend getting one that matches your front left and right speakers.

    Silk dome tweeters might be better than metal domes for reflecting off the windshield but I really don't have anything to back up that statement other than metal domes tend to be harsh and I can only imaging the windshield intensifying that affect.

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