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Thread: Amp output connector

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    Amp output connector

    Ok, I know nothing about car audio (and Google has returned nothing), so here goes...

    I have the stock Ford speakers in my car. Now, I'm looking into buying an amp for a CarPC, but I'm not sure on how the speakers would connect to the amp.

    I bought an ISO adapter from Halfords (22!), which I thought would plug the speakers into the amp. But looking at photos online, I can't see this connector on any amps.

    Am I looking in the wrong place, or should I return the adapter? How would I go about connecting the speakers to the amp?

    So you know, it was one designed especially for the Ford 2007RDS model. It has an awful connector for the speakers (something about it being an amplified system..
    ("Generally, those cars with 2007RDS head units and and on-board amplifiers fitted as standard" <- from the adapter "instructions")


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    not sure about the headunit or the adapter you bought, the best thing to do is my opinion is to leave all the factory wires as they are, and run new wires from each speaker to the amplifier. That way if you ever decide to revert back to stock, you just have to plug everything in. Attaching the wires to the speakers may be difficult if it has a funky plug on it, I'd say to snip the wires and solder or crimp the new wires to the plug. The amp gets the sound from your sound card, depending on what card you have and your speaker setup will depend on how many sets of RCA's you'll need to buy.. does this make sense to you?

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    Yep. Think it makes sense.

    But I wanted to know (although, on reading my post, it wasnt obvious) what kind of connector the amp had to connect to the speakers?

    Is it phono? ISO? the twist things you used to find in home stereos? etc...

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    depends on the amp some are simple screw terminals some are spring loaded terminals. I cant think of any that needs any special cable end

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