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Thread: Alternator Whine Only With Carputer

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    yeh my advice is to get the good stuff only, especially the monitor and audio cables. i was going to order this

    it will arrive next week. so keep my fingers crossed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mick0uziel
    i also had the same case, with my first carputer, a ground loop isolator and the monster cable worked to eliminate it. now that i built my 2nd carputer, its there again, i put in a ground loop isolator combined with a power noise eliminator but still whines. i bet its the rca cable i used. i should have used monster to begin with, now its costing me twice the money and effort, im gonna order the monster 302xln about $50 5meters long. i bet this would take out the whining.
    Same as the whine from speakers, or whine from alternator?
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    RedGTI: Does your amp have an optical in? Or do you have an Optical 2 RCA converter? Cause my mobo (Commell LV-677) has an optical out.
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    No optical ins....I use the Alpine 701 processor.

    Optical out of PC -> Optical In Alpine 701 -> Analogue out to amplifiers
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    This is a VERY common problem in car audio equipment and it usually has nothing to do with the audio end. It's the equipement end. But before you read any of this thread concider your audio lines (be it wire or optic). Where are they running in relation to your power lines? Granted, this is only a potential sollution to those who are having sound issues in the car and not under the hood. At any rate, AC power will distort audio signals where the two lines run parrallel to each other so make sure you've got a good couple of inches between the two.

    The more elecrical equipement you add to a car the more strain you put on the alternators' ability to power everything. Anyone who is having this issue needs to add up the amps you're drawing from all of your electronics and then compare it with how many amps your alternator is pushing. A typical output for an alternator is around 90 to 110 amps and a car will draw that much on it's own with all the factory installed equipement turned on...add a PC and a sound system and you're likely tanking the alternator.

    If you've already taken the liberty of upgrading your alternator, or you've got a higher powered one in the first place (i.e. a truck or SUV), then the next step is to upgrade ALL the grounding. Grounding to the alternator, grounding to the battery, and by all means grounding to your equipment. Grounding for any given piece of equipment should probably be bigger (though the same ga. will be work) in gauge than its power line. AND DEFFINATLY, it should never share the same grounding point as another piece of equipment. You should also concider braided grounding belts as opposed to wires to allow more AC curent flow.

    If you're still having issues after all that then concider upgrading your battery to a deep cell core...expensive to be sure but well worth it. They'll act more like capacitors in the event you have a power surge...which also tank your alternator.

    All that from a newbie....hope it helps yall.

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    In all honestly if you can't find a solution the best way to go is a very annoying way. Have everything set up and turned on. wire your RCA wire section by section until you hear the alternator whine and when you hear it search within a foot of the strongest whine signal. I had to do this on my friends car when installing his amps because someone had previous wired unnecessary equipment into the car and their wiring was that of a walrus trying to fingerpaint. You may need another person to rev the engine or to help find it. It's tedious but it helps when you have tried everything else....

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