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Thread: Sound deadening...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychobiker
    presumably it's quite good (the foam) as it contains loads of air, which can trap sound. Right, I was belting downthe motorway at 90+mph and I wondered why i could barely hear myself think - I'd left the 2" thick rubber deadening mats at home for the Roadworthiness test (which it passed BTW )

    wait wait wait...2 INCH thick deadening? Like 16 pounds/sq. ft.????
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    Oh yeah. each weighs the best part of 10kg (2.5ftx4ft). about an inch of rubber, then some other stuff contouring into the corrigation in the load bay

    Now I'ma big guy (6-2, 200lbs) and I find it difficult to carry both, mainly because of size, but they aren;t light lol
    1996 Volvo 850 T5 CD - Eventually I'll start....

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