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Thread: Power AMP from CarPC

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    okay. guess I cant do it then.
    thanks for the info

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    We just don’t understand why you would want to. Amps have 3 wires for juice. +12V (always on), -12V (ground), +12 remote on/switched. The amp doesn’t turn on until it sees power on that third line.

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    Question, why not put a terminal block where the carPC gets the power source from the battery and run one wire to your PSU and one to the AMP? It is basiclly a Y split but you're not powering your amp off the carPC you're just running one power source to the AMP. You will also need to run the ground and the remote wire too but you run one power line.

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    You can use the acc/ign line from the carpc psu to trigger the amp to turn on, but since the amp has it's own power supply, you'll do more damage (if possible) than good by trying to supply regulated power to an amp that is expecting unregulated, full blown battery power. Just fuse the 12v coming from the battery to the amp just like you would from the battery to the carpc psu.

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