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Thread: using speaker wire as power wire

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    using speaker wire as power wire

    just was wondering if it would be ok use 12-14 ga speaker wire for low power accessories or is it a big "NO NO" for a 7" monitor or slot load dvd etc..

    I was just wondering because it seems like it is hard to find good quality 12-14 ga power wire (lots of thin strands) seems like they all are very course..and there is lots of good quality speaker wire that gauge..Very flexable Plus all you have 1 wire to mess with.

    If not what is the reason that you should'nt.

    Is the wire or insulation any different between speaker wire & power wire?

    Just was wondring.....

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    Why not?
    7" monitor and dvd doesn't require lot of current.
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    At 12-14V, insulation is not an issue - the gauge and current draw will determine how much the wire heats up.

    For little stuff, that gauge is probably overkill - will work fine.

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    Speaker wire is a good solution when you need to run both hot and gnd together. Wish I would of thought of that.

    BTW, I have found the best place to buy wire and wire connectors is home depot

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    i use a 100m roll of speaker wire i purchased a coupke of years ago, i use it for everything!

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    i used speaker wire to wire up **** on my bike :-)

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    i'm going to do the same thing for my screen & backup cam.

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