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Thread: How do I know if my gain does not work on my amp?

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    How do I know if my gain does not work on my amp?

    Well, I was messing around with my amp a few days ago and decided to play around with the gain a little bit. I turned it mayby a quarter of the way and didnt hear a difference from my sub. Went half way and nothing also, finally I decided to turn it all the way, and still nothing. Does my gain not work on my amp for some odd reason? Any way of testing this?

    Specs: Eclipse CD3434 Headunit
    Digital Designs 3510 Sub
    Directed Audio 1500D amp

    The amp is wired at 2ohms with just the single 3510. Any help would greatly be appreciated

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    find a constant frequency tone of some sort (for tuning people generally use 1khz, but it's pretty annoying for something like this)

    play it, leave hu/computer volume the same and adjust the gains on the amp, if you notice a difference in volume, then it's working, if not, then you might have a problem, let us know how it all goes and we can go from there.
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