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Thread: Problems in Wiring Amps

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    Noise while Amp on and no sound from pc

    Hello to everybody and thanks for your tips! but for now I have another problem... when I plugin the amps and the pc don't send nothing the speakers emits a noise like a 'errrrrrrrr'. I already reduced the input from the amps but even with this tried solution the results are the same... Is there any thing to put between the speaker output from PC and the low input from the amps?

    Thanks a lot


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    Nope, thats common. You need to delay the turn on of the amp until the laptop turns on

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    Problems with Amps


    I already start the amp only when I run the navigation program (I used a PLC to start it) but ever then, if I stop a music the sound remains with a noise like 'errrrrrrrrr'!

    Is there any filter that I can use to reduce this noise?


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    It sounds like you are having a ground problem. Search the forums for "ground loop". Basically one or more of your system components has a weak ground. Tracking this down could be difficult. You can also try a "ground loop isolator", although they often affect the sound quality.

    Another cause could be interference. Perhaps one of your power wires it too close to an audio wire. RCA's (low level) are especially susceptible to this.


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